A Course in Miracles: Lesson 316

Lesson 316

All gifts I give my brothers are my own.  

Father, I would accept Your gifts today.  I do not recognize them.  Yet I trust that You Who gave them will provide the means by which I can behold them, see their worth, and cherish only them as what I want” (ACIM Lesson 316 2:1-3).  

We give from what we already have.  We gift peace because we have peace.  We gift love because we love ourselves.  We gift forgiveness because we forgive ourselves.  We gift holy sight because we truly SEE the person in the mirror.

We cannot give from a facade or role we have created.  We cannot live a life of drama while fighting to maintain a peaceful exterior for the sake of appearances, and then expect to abide in the flow of giving and receiving peace to those around us.  This leads to depletion.  This leads to frustration.  This only leads to more drama.  Thus, do you see the importance of each step you take, as each step in peace creates more peace in Your Holy Well, and from your abundance do you effortlessly give to your brothers and sisters and do they in turn give back to you.

We do not even have to necessarily label or know what is exactly being given and gifted.  As we abide with our Creator, we can trust in the holy flow of exchange.  In our current time, we are beginning what is known as Holy Week, the time of resurrection.  It is a time of remembering the holy gifts we have been given as a Child of God and the Holy Well from which we drink.  May this week be a time to reflect upon the well from which you give and receive.  You can only give what you give to yourself.  Thus, in each breath be present to where your energy abides.  Gift yourself with more presence, love, and peace.  Let the world do as it will because the lasting change you can create for All is that which you make within you.  Gift your precious Self with that which you would only want to receive, that which God already gives You.  Namaste.


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