A Course in Miracles: Lesson 318

Lesson 318

In me salvation’s means and end are one.

“Let me today, my Father, take the role You offer me in Your request that I accept Atonement for myself.  For thus does what is thereby reconciled in me become as surely reconciled to You” (ACIM Lesson 318 2:1-2).

Today beholds one of the most powerful quotes in A Course in Miracles,

“I was created as the thing I seek” (ACIM Lesson 318 1:5).

Such sweet words that warrant being said repeatedly as a mantra of remembrance, as those eight words contain the key to the Queendom, the end of all searching, and the road map to Heaven. Those eight words are exactly why we no longer wait for something outside of ourselves.  It is the confirmation that we are our own Savior.

How often do we go about our lives wanting to be saved by someone or something else?  Does any of the following sound familiar:

“I will be much happier when I find my soul mate.”

“I have to wait until the kids get out of the house in order to take that night class I’ve always wanted.”

“I have had a real crappy day.  I think a little ice cream will make me feel better.” 

“I really need to clear out all the rubbish in my house.  Maybe someone will do it for me.”

We are the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega, thus does everything start and stop with us.  We may sometimes need the help of a fellow brother or sister but no matter the task, mental or physical, we always initiate action from within.  We are the only ones that can truly love ourselves the way we need and want to be loved.  No one can do it for us.  The answer is the same across the board:  We are the ones who have to make time for ourselves, we are the ones who have to search within instead of in a bowl of ice cream, and we are the ones who must clear the trash in our awareness.  We do not wait for a knight in shining armor, neither do we wait for a God outside of ourselves to redeem us or forgive our sins.  Our sinlessness and salvation are already within us.  We are, indeed, who we have been waiting for.

“I am the means by which God’s Son is saved, because salvation’s purpose is to find the sinlessness that God has placed in me” (ACIM Lesson 318 1:4).

Many people shy away from the willingness required in taking responsibility for the power that lies dormant within.  Namely, why people shy away is because of the energy one believes is essential for such a task.  In truth, the only energy needed is that to start a new habit, turning the momentum of seeking around towards that of the Savior.  One thing I enjoy about having limited access to my cell phone while I travel is that it allows me to become aware of the moments when I want to reach out and have someone else “save me.”  The moments when I feel down or when the ego feels so overwhelming, I want someone else to tell me, “It will all be okay.  You are wonderful.  You are smart.  You are kind, You are loved, etc.”  When I am unable to reach out, it forces me to be that person for myself.  And isn’t that the way it should be?  Shouldn’t I be my own best friend, my own Self-Soother?  And truly, in the end, that is who I want to save me, as I am the only one who knows how.  I am the only one who could do it correctly.  Everyone else will always fall short.  Those are the moments when I am reminded that it is really MY LOVE that I desire.

Today, we release the rouse of the ego, thinking we had to journey far.  If we were created with all we ever needed, imagine how holy accessible this journey truly is?  It actually takes far greater energy to deny this than it does to accept and allow it.  Thus, today, as you walk, listen for the jingle in your steps.  It is the sound of the keys to the Queendom within you.  Turn your vision around from seeker to Savior.  Truth is the only motivation you need.  Namaste.



3 thoughts on “A Course in Miracles: Lesson 318

  1. KJR,
    “I was created as the thing I seek.”
    What a perfect choice today. Once more, thank you.


    ‘Those 8 words are The Confirmation.
    Just 8 words.

    “I AM reminded that it is really MY LOVE that I desire.”
    That Opens The Door to The Queendom.

    Joyful Gratitude for showing us The Way to that door.

    B. Serene


    1. Cre8ted…I love it. A t-shirt perhaps? It has infinite possibilities as the “8” would suggest. Thank you, to you, for opening many, many doors. Abiding in the One Circle, Hija de Ramiro


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