A Course in Miracles: Lesson 331

Lesson 331

There is no conflict, for my will is Yours.  

“How foolish, Father, to believe Your Son could cause himself to suffer!  Could he make a plan for his damnation, and be left without a certain way to his release?  You love me, Father.  You could never leave me desolate, to die within a world of pain and cruelty.  How could I think that Love has left Itself?  There is no will except the Will of Love.  Fear is a dream, and has no will that can conflict with Yours.  Conflict is sleep, and peace awakening.  Death is illusion; life, eternal truth.  There is no opposition to Your Will.  There is no conflict, for my will is Yours” (ACIM Lesson 331 1:1-11).

Conflict is a means of suffering, a medium of worry for the mind and contraction for the body.  It is to be at odds with God’s Will and to be in resistance to Her natural, easeful flow.  When we let go of conflict, most importantly the source of conflict, through forgiveness, we align to the flow of God’s Will and return to our natural holy state of peace.

So beautiful are the words in today’s prayer:  “Conflict is sleep, and peace awakening.  Death is illusion; life, eternal truth”  (ACIM Lesson 331 1:8-9).  It reminds us of the peace and eternal life that is the Love of God.  It reminds us that we longer have to suffer for joy is God’s Will for us.  Why would we want to suffer when we are gifted with God’s eternal Light?

Forgiveness is the key to remembering the peace that lies within us always.  We release others and ourselves from any transgressions by recalling that we have all been God’s Children at play.  No harm was done.  However, now we go one step further in fully honoring our journey and ourselves by beginning to abide, always, in the most loving choice we can make, the choice for peace.  In doing so, we listen to our bodies and scan the mind for any signs of conflict and suffering.  The body and breath are two wonderful fine tune instruments letting us know where there is the slightest hint of contraction, giving us the opportunity to breathe with peace so that we relax into Love and thus release Love in to the world.

Conflict is to forget, peace is to remember, and Love is peace.  Today, feel into the holy flow that peace offers us.  It is always a choice because Love always IS.  Peace be with You.  Namaste.


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