A Course in Miracles: Lesson 338

Lesson 338

I am affected only by my thoughts.

“Your plan is sure, my Father,–only Yours.  All other plans will fail.  And I will have thoughts that will frighten me, until I learn that You have given me the only Thought that leads me to salvation.  Mine alone will fail, and lead me nowhere.  But the Thought You gave me promises to lead me home, because it holds Your promise to Your Son” (ACIM Lesson 338 2:1-5).  

Heaven is just a thought away.  It is the exchange of the insane thought for the sane one.  It is the realization that nothing can truly harm us, as all of our fears are just thoughts, which hold only the power we choose to give it.  This is why the journey is certain and simple, because it is merely a shift in perception, a change in the way we believe we think, choosing to trade reality for Reality.

“It needs but this to let salvation come to all the world.  For in this single thought is everyone released at last from fear” (ACIM Lesson 338 1:1-2).

Sometimes it feels like the world is beating us down but when you sit with that idea in its truth you realize it is just a thought, a thought one is giving power to.  When we attach to a thought, we give it a story:  a purpose, a history, a background, and a future.  When you really stop to observe the origin of a thought, you will find the lengths you go to create it and protect it are truly exhausting and mind-boggling.  We give a lot of power and effort to our thoughts.  That is why they can seem overwhelming and frightening at times.  Yet, as we have explored in our walk together, a thought is just a thought.  Nothing, not even ourselves, can harm a Child of God.

Now he has learned that no one frightens him, and nothing can endanger him.  He has no enemies, and he is safe from all external things.  His thoughts can frighten him, but since these thoughts belong to him alone, he has the power to change them and exchange each fear thought for a happy thought of love.  He crucified himself.  Yet God has planned that His beloved Son will be redeemed” (ACIM Lesson 338 1:3-7).

Often we believe our thoughts are shared by another.  We believe everyone around us must hold the same frightening thoughts about us as we do, when in truth we are all just walking around frightened of our own thoughts, which makes us fearful of others.  In reality, everyone is too busy judging themselves to be judging you.  Thus, it is only you who is affected by your thoughts and only you who can save yourself from the insane mind.  You are the Savior of the world and the first person you save is you by shifting to the neutrality of a thought and its inability to harm what was created as eternal and harmless.

Today’s lesson is not about mind control, as that too takes effort.  Walking with God is effortless and loving.  Thus, today, we observe whatever arises in the mind and love what is.  We love ourselves more and more with each thought that arises, for in our own love is our salvation.  We abide gently and kindly with our innocence and any attacking thoughts, knowing that with our shield of self-love, no harm could ever be done.

Lesson 338 is a call to love ourselves more and more.  Love the journey you have been on, no matter the path you have taken.  Love all the teachers that have been placed among you.  And most of all, love the one who has been walking in miracles, You.  Let her know she never need be frightened because under your care you bring the thought and experience of the loving presence of Heaven.  Nothing could be more powerful and more worth you time on earth than the time you take for Self Love.  Namaste.


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