A Course in Miracles: Lesson 340

Lesson 340

I can be free of suffering today.

Father, I thank You for today, and for the freedom I am certain it will bring.  This day is holy, for today Your Son will be redeemed.  His suffering is done.  For he will hear Your Voice directing him to find Christ’s vision through forgiveness, and be free forever from all suffering.  Thanks for today, my Father.  I was born into this world but to achieve this day, and what it holds in joy and freedom for Your holy Son and for the world he made, which is released along with him today” (ACIM Lesson 340 1:6).  

Feel the relief that today’s statement offers.  By integrating the ego through the love of forgiveness and accepting our sinlessness frees us from any level of suffering.  The weighty ghosts of our creations have served their time and purpose and are released.  We are now absolutely free, living in the breath of our reconciliation and oneness.  We breathe deeper; the body is lighter; our being shining its natural brilliance; and our minds clear of fuzz, finding itself in blissful spaciousness.

In liberation we spread our wings, taking up the grand space we were intended to embody and soar to new heights of awakening.  We naturally float off the ground becoming the Light from which we were birthed.  In holy celebration, we glide towards God’s Voice lifting is up higher and higher, seeing below a world just as perfect as the one God has promised.  We celebrate because the world shines from within.  Our holy vision restored, the ego integrated, and our brothers and sisters seen as Who they are, all because of the liberation of suffering and our willingness to let go of our baggage and restore our angelic wings.  Fly on, my dear brothers and sisters and celebrate the joy, love, happiness, and peace that come with the sweet release of the idea of suffering.  An idea that served its purpose but now we walk on, light, spacious, and blissful as Angels.  Namaste.


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