A Course in Miracles: Lesson 358

Lesson 358

No call to God can be unheard nor left unanswered.

And of this I can be sure;

His answer is the one I really want.

“You Who remember what I really am alone remember what I really want.  You speak for God, and so You speak for me.  And what You give me comes from God Himself.  Your Voice, my Father, then is mine as well, and all I want is what You offer me, in just the form You choose that it be mine.  Let me remember all I do not know, and let my voice be still, remembering.  But let me not forget Your Love and care, keeping Your promise to Your Son in my awareness always.  Let me not forget myself is nothing, but my Self is all.”  (ACIM Lesson 358 1:1-7).  

“Thy Will Be Done,” that is what we truly want.  Our will has gotten us nowhere except to the point of realizing that there must be more than our maddening ways.  In that, we can honor the process the has led us to this point, where we desire to break our unconscious habits and not longer wish to get muddled in the momentum of the world.  To break the cycle, it is important to continually come back to the question, “Where does my devotion lie?”  In our commitment to the exploration of such a question, we shift to a point where there is no longer a choice, but only abiding in Thy Will.

When madness has lost its luster and suffering its enchantment, we come to remember the beauty in the surrender and why our way must always fail.  In truth, we desire a way that is peaceful, effortless, joyful, and full of love, and in such a pursuit the only way that will work is The Way through the law of love.  As we release into the nothingness that is our will, we align with the Will of God and recall that we are Everything.  As the spiritual teachings of The Way of Mastery state, “We become less and less, so as to know we are more and more.”

“More-ness” comes from nothingness.  In admitting what we do not know, we recall that we know Everything when we align in Her service.  Thus, today, listen to the Voice that has become more and more known to you on your journey.  In stillness, be present to Her guidance and Her love.  She knows exactly what you want and is delighted to answer your call.  Surrender and allow, “Thy Will Be Done.”  Namaste.


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