The Miracle of a Hug

The Miracle of a Hug

Recently my travels have taken me to Spanish speaking countries.  Along the journey the Spirit has guided me many times to go out to the Plaza Mayor or Plaza del Armas, the central hub of most Spanish cities and towns, to hold a sign that says, Regalo Un Abrazo (I gift a hug).  It has been interesting to openly share in such love in another country, as you never know how it will be received.  But I have found sharing in the love and peace of the world is absolutely universal and is of One Language.

For example, last night, I went out to Calle Zamora in Salamanca, Spain.  It is a one of the shopping streets in Salamanca and was a buzz with evening shoppers.  Per usual, I selected a spot and before I held up my sign, I silently tuned in and acknowledged the guidance I was receiving for what was about to happen, as when I give free hugs I know it is God flowing through me and calling those around me to me.  As She states, “I need do nothing.”

It is beautiful how people just show up.  I do not know where they come from or how they arrived in front of me but, BAM!, they are there.  They are the most holiest of encounters.  I have come to find that holding such a sign is a way to find “my people, my tribe.”  They are of like minds and they too want to share in the love and peace of the world.  Holding a sign for free hugs is like holding a sign that says, “Calling all Light Workers and Miracle Makers!”  It shows me that regardless of what is happening in the world, Love Is Winning!


Gifting hugs is also a wonderful way to tune into one’s energy.  Each hug calls for something different.  Some people want just a short hug and to maintain some space.  Others want the “full monty” bear hug, lifting me off my feet.  Others come with arms wide open meters before they get to you….I know with these I need to maintain my balance so I don’t get bowled over.  Some don’t want a hug at all but just want to say, “Thank You,” and give me a thumbs up.  Then there are those that want to stay a while as we melt into one as the world around us disappears.  No matter the touch, no touch, or length of time, it is always two souls recognizing the Light in one another, recognizing they are not alone.

Some of the most touching interactions come from children.  Their innocence is infectious.  When I hug kids, that is when Her words really seep in, “I need do nothing.”  Children are so open, receptive, and resilient.  They are the “walking lessons” of A Courses in Miracles.  They still remember and having nothing to unlearn.

Out of all the children I have hugged, last night I was touched by one in particular.  He and his mother approached and before this child of about 7 years old hugged me, his mother said, “Él es muy cariñoso.  He is very loving.”  This child just fell into my arms un-abandoned.  Most kids do this.  But what touched me most happened on a second go-round.

A few moments later, and other hugs in between, the same mother and child come back, this time with his older brother.  I gave his older brother a hug and then the younger said, “¿Otra vez?  Another one?”  Sure!  I love the ones who come back for a second hug.  I have no limits on hugs.  I have a “free refills, bottomless plate buffet” policy, come back as much as you like.

This time I got down on my knees and put my sign down and once more his Light melted with mine.  Interestingly, in this interaction it was I who was starting to let go of the hug.  One always has to gage the appropriate time to hug and release.  But he just held on, and on, and on.  And as he held on, he softened.  Then I softened.  The world began to disappear.  Eventually, we came out of our “hug coma” and he looked at me with his big brown Spanish eyes, holding my gaze for about as long as our hug.  I saw nothing but angelic wings.  I saw his gift, his sweet open heart that would bless the world ahead of him.  Once more, his mother said, “Él es muy cariñoso.”  True, he was very loving but there was something more.

As he and his family walked away, I stood there dazed.  My energy had completely shifted.  I looked around at the old buildings, getting my bearings, and reveled in the power of this angel’s hug.  His hug transformed me.  I didn’t realize how my energy felt before until I had this moment to compare it to.  I hadn’t felt that grounded in weeks.  My well was overflowing.

In Chapter 1 of the text in A Course in Miracles, I. Principles of Miracles, it says,

“Each day should be devoted to miracles” (T-1.I.15).

This child was my teacher today.  His open and loving demeanor was a walking miracle.  In his energy, you could sense he was devoted to miracles, even if those words mean nothing to him, it was written all over his being.  His hug was a miracle.  I was shifted and changed, and still not the same.  Gifting hugs creates the holiest of encounters and for that, I am ever grateful.  Namaste.


2 thoughts on “The Miracle of a Hug

    1. Esteban, one of your all time best replies. I say “one of” because there are many. A book within itself, perhaps, The Perfect Reply. Yet, isn’t it always.

      I was hugged by the Prince of Peace. My sign translates to, “I gift hugs.” But his hug was a true gift to me. The One Fairytale…the awakening of all Sleeping Beauties.

      Biting the Apple of Curiosity,
      Hermana Catalina de la Luz


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