The Miracle of Contraction

The Miracle of Contraction

What happens before expansion?  Contraction!  Beautiful contraction!  It is the tension in the sling shot.  It is the dip in the water before it ripples out.  It is the melting point before H2O particles are liberated into thin air.  It is the dense hot, humid summer air that can only be broken with the grace of a late afternoon thunderstorm.  

In talking with two natives of Panama, they were describing the intense heat of a Panamanian summer.  They mentioned how you could feel a thunderstorm brewing, even when the forecast didn’t call for one.  They said, “You can feel it in your body and in the air when one is approaching.  You…just…know it.”  The air gets more and more dense, contracting and folding in on itself, and you feel that Mother Nature is reaching a breaking point, when suddenly the clouds appear, the sky opens in a rage,  and releases its heavenly fury of rain and lightning.  Yet, as my friends described, afterwards, there is always this calm and cool feeling in the air.  The heat, the contraction of the dense, humid air, has been broken.  Sometimes, life works the same way.  We reach a breaking point and need the same sort of emotional and/or physical release.

In the human experience, contraction often doesn’t feel so good.  It is felt as tension in the body, heaviness, stress, sadness, anger, judgment, guilt, depression, anxiety, etc.  In other words, contraction literally and figuratively draws our energy into a more dense form.  It is truly the embodiment of how small we can get.  But if we have the courage to befriend this momentary state of being, life can be felt more equanimously rather than feeling as though we are being tossed around from sunshine to summer storm and back again.

Contraction is a dynamic state of energy, it is not fixed, and one that naturally leads to expansion.  In its overwhelming state, it can never suffocate our Identity or our Light.  It is actually that beautiful breaking point where our Light is invited to shine even more.  If we can but learn to breathe through and love the darkness before the dawn, this is how we can best serve our time here in human form.  After all, the contraction of our mother’s womb is how we got here.

Loving the moments when we feel our smallest is how we can best serve our innocence and all of humanity.  It is how we can create a deeper sense of peace on earth.  We were not only birthed in this life through the means of the holy contraction the womb but it is how all this magnificence of God began.  We are the result of the One Holy Contraction.  Thus, can you see how in this state we have the opportunity to identify with our safety, perfection, and wholeness?  Can you see how it serves a special function in our journey as Miracle Makers?

“All that you made can serve salvation easily and well.  The Son of God can make no choice the Holy Spirit cannot employ on his behalf, and not against himself.  Only in darkness does your specialness appear to be attack.  In light, you see it as your special function in the plan to save the Son of God from all attack, and let him understand that he is safe, as he has always been, and will remain in time and in eternity alike” (ACIM Text 25.VI.7:4-7).

There is a choice beyond the state of contraction and expansion, it is the state of pure perfection, our natural state.  In exploring our holiness, we have the opportunity to see It in a whole spectrum of colors that ranges from calm to chaos, yet no matter the shade, the Light is always beautiful.  Both contraction and expansion are blessings.  Both are miracles.  They are so because it is Us who is a part of them, here for this magnanimous rollercoaster called life.  The key is to love it all, the rise and the fall, knowing that no matter the dynamic state, our static state is always Love, the result of the miracle that is the One Holy Contraction.  Namaste.


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