Devotion is a sweet word, speaking of our commitment, dedication, adherence, and constancy.  It is that which holds most of our energy, physically or mentally, and that which holds our attention.  It is where we abide, in this moment, the next, or even in one from ages ago.

Devotion cannot lie, as it is the marriage of intention, thought, and action.  We need look no further than this moment to see the placement and purpose of our dedication.  This moment speaks of the truth of our awareness and what we desire most above all else.  Our we devoted to the future, past, or present?  Our we devoted to walking in miracles each day?  Or our we devoted to upholding certain roles and facades in life?

Throughout the lessons in A Course in Miracles, and typically woven throughout any spiritual text, is the question, “What do you desire most?”  Because what you desire most is where you will find all of your attention and energy.  There you will find your area of devotion.

You are a walking Miracle, this we know, however, what are you walking towards?  In what do you dedicate each step?  God, your higher Self, discovery, truth, gratitude.  Or do you find each step is towards something of an opposite nature?  Unhealthy and unserving thoughts and actions.  Perhaps you are somewhere in between, in the process of dedicating yourself to uprooting that which does not serve you to something more divinely purposeful.  It is wise to check in from time to time to see where our devotions lies, as it often changes without notice.

How we respond to the world is directly related to our area of commitment.  If we are dedicating to observing miracles, then whatever arrises is the perfect opportunity to devote our attention to the splendor of the holy instant.  If we are devoted to peace, then each moment provides the soil for more peace to blossom.  If we are devoted to “walking the talk,” then each breath births the bridge in which to practice the power of integration.

“The bridge itself is nothing more than a transition in the perspective of reality” (ACIM Text Chapter 16, VI 7:1).

It all comes back to our intention and where we place our allegiance.  If all of this sounds nice but one is not ready for such dedication.  That is okay.  That is actually the first step, the awareness of where one’s allegiance lies.  But as one becomes more and more awake to the power available when Light and Truth become desired above all else, the scale will eventually tip.  It is inevitable.

One does not have to live a pious life in a convent, monastery, or in silence in the Himalayas to practice heavenly devotion.  Each soul’s journey is the unfolding of this perfect dedication and its power.  Throughout today, be a witness to the choices you are making, as therein lies the thread of your devotion.  Follow that thread as far as it goes with the question, “What do I truly desire?”  When you get a response, repeat the question again.  And again.  And again.  Become very clear on where you place your precious energy and why.  And when you get to the root, ask yourself this, “Do I really want to desire this above all else?”  If you do, good.  If not, this is an opportunity for a miracle, as the bridge becomes visible, shifting your perception more towards that of Love.  Could the fruit of devotion be any sweeter?  Namaste.


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