The Script of a Lifetime

The Script of a Lifetime:  The Miracle of Spoken Word

We all have our own personal language; words we love to use based on our experiences in life and phrases we use a lot because we have a sense about the sequence of words.  We understand it, we feel it, and we use it to effectively communicate to the world around us.  It is our script.  But we are not alone in it. We also have a way in which we like others to respond to us, as they have their role and their scripts too.  We come into agreement that, “I say this…and…you say that.”  Yet, what would life be like off script?  That, dear ones, is where the miracle lies.

When we respond to one another, is it automatic, based on our script?  Or is it a response from the heart?  Are we really listening to one another, to our fellow humans who are just like us in search of wholeness?  We all just want to be seen and heard, are we giving that courtesy to one another?

It has been brought to my attention that when I respond to someone in a foreign language, I am responding based upon a script.  I am often caught “red-handed,” responding to another based upon what I believe was just said, when in reality, I wasn’t really listening.  For example, as I am engaging in a conversation, I tend to assume that the sequence of questions is known and that it is a given: “Hi, how are you?  How has your day been?”  My responses are as automatic as my assumption of the question.  Yet, quite often, I am deeply humbled as someone takes me off script.  Actually, it is more like an invitation because he or she is giving me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone, and as we all know, that is where the real miracles occur.

Beyond the typical conversation starters in a foreign language, I have often found myself out in left field.  I hear a familiar word from the one in which I am engaged in conversation and I begin crafting my own response.  I am no longer present, as I am already planning what to say next, in particular I am probably wondering how to fit in a new word I just learned.  Thus, I am abiding in my own script while the lovely and patient soul before me is in his or her appropriate verbal text.  The both of us thinking we are partaking in each others “role play” but couldn’t be more disillusioned.  In dedicating my awareness to another language, I have inadvertently heightened my awareness in my native tongue and the manner in which I connect to my fellow Lights in human form.  Those who have been patient enough to hop off script with me have graciously awakened my heart at a much deeper level.  It hasn’t always been pretty but it has always been miraculous.

Thus, I have been drawn to wonder, how often are we on the same script?  It is true, sometimes I walk away from a conversation in Spanish and I wonder what just happened and if I was taking part in two different conversations, mine and theirs?  I have come to realize that this happens not just in a second language but also in the one most natural to me, English.  Recently, I have been humbled me to say out loud, “I don’t know,” as I have come to ask the following quite often to my fellow Spaniard: “Can you please slow down, I am trying to understand you?  Can you repeat what you just said, I am unfamiliar with that particular word?” Or I have had to plainly state, “I do not know what you are saying.”  I contract with this question especially because I have seen smiling faces go to disappointment as I have had to give up the “jig,” I no longer was on script with the one before me and to both parties this can be a letdown.  I have had to stop the flow of a conversation and I have had to admit what I do not know, all in order to become more and more present with the one before me.  I have had to go off script, say I didn’t know it, and have asked others to come there with me, to that place beyond words found in presence where there is only stillness and breathe.

Off script can be a scary place to go as it shifts the momentum of a conversation.  It creates a pause, and that empty space in between can be an uncomfortable place to be, more uncomfortable than pretending that you are on same script.  It also means we step away from playing a “role” and what happens when we let that mask down?  What happens beyond the, ” You say this…and…I will say that?”  For example, if we feel down about ourselves, often we want to engage in a script and have someone tell us something to make us feel better:  “Just tell me I am loved, beautiful, important, thin, smart, that I am doing just fine, that I am not failing in life, that I am enough, that I am not alone…”  What happens when someone doesn’t fulfill his or her end of this script to make you feel better?  This is another opportunity to explore life beyond the page.  It is the miracle of finding the well of love within oneself.

No matter the language, commonly spoken or not, the script of a lifetime is having no script at all.  The miracle is in the unknown: in the pause, in saying, “I don’t know,” in the breath, and in the stillness of the One Heart that we all share when we commune with another beyond language and verse.  It is the miracle of the spoken and unspoken word.  Thus, let us dare to meet there, beyond the script and beyond the page.  Namaste.


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