Easeful, Not Necessarily Easy

Easeful, Not Necessarily Easy

As I begin today’s post a storm is brewing above in the Salamanca, Spain sky.  Windows that were once open to let in a breath of air on a summer’s day are now clapping open and shut as wind tunnels swirl around the old, nostalgic buildings.  Clang here, bang there.  It sounds like the buildings are giving a standing ovation as they are humbled by the power of Mother Nature.

Sometimes storms can be rather beautiful; the bolts of lightning, the sound of rain, and the magnificent display of Mother Nature’s magic, as she shows us the other end of her sunny disposition.  It is not so different from the broad spectrum of the human experience, as we bounce from sun to storm and back again.  It is not an easy transition to make as life continuously changes.  The only constant is our eternal divine nature, and when we are connected to that, any storm can arise and we can walk along with ease.

Life may not be easy but it can easeful. That is to say, peaceful.  We were created to be happy and joyful.  We were never created to suffer for the cause of awakening or any other cause for that matter.  If you think about the energy we use to suffer or to be miserable, don’t you think that energy could be best used for that of peace?  Think about this, how could a holy host of stressed out, efforting angels be of service to create peace amongst humanity?  If our purpose here is to help each other awaken, why not do it more easefully?

“Now you are merely asked that you pursue another goal with far less vigilance; with little effort and with little time, and with the power of God maintaining it, and promising success” (ACIM Text Chapter 24 VI. 12:1-1).

Your means of service is before you and it is a path of ease.  It is not about making yourself “be something” for those around you or for this world. Trust me when I say unto you that this path is one of ease and it needs your peaceful, limitless energy.  Life does not need you to expend your energy in efforting.  Dear One, this is not about putting on a show in front of others and living stressed out in the walls of your home, body, and being.  It is about walking the talk, living the word.  What you practice in each breath makes up your life, it makes up how you live.

There is no higher calling than the integration of ease in an uneasy world.  There is no greater role one can play in the awakening of humanity.  Storms will come and go but one’s eternal ease and peace remain forever.  This is the path we walk.  Namaste.


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