A Place Only You Know

A Place Only You Know

There is a place that only you know.  A place where only you can go.  It is a place deep within and only you know how to get there.  The world is a wonderful tool to point you in the right direction, as everything in the world fails to fill this knowing.  And because the world disappoints you so, you are left with no other place to look than within.  In so many words, the world invites you to realize that you are the Miracle you have been in search for, releasing you from fear to unite with Source.

“Miracles represent freedom from fear.  “Atoning” means “undoing.”  The undoing of fear is an essential part of the Atonement value of miracles” (ACIM Text, Chapter 1 I. 26:1-2).

Stepping away from the world for a moment, by diving under the noise and chaos, you walk back to the Heart that has been calling you.  You go to a place that only you and your Creator know.  It is your agreed upon meeting spot.  It is a sweet place that reminds you that you are already whole and complete.

As you walk there, it may feel odd, lonely, and a little scary, but as you learn to trust your personal legend, you will find that something about this place feels familiar, as though you have been there before.  And the truth is, you have.  There is a song by the British musical group, Keane, that talks about such a place, “Somewhere Only We Know.”

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river, and it made me complete

The world must fail in order for you to go to place where only you know.  It is the place where you know exactly what you need, how to love yourself, and what it means to be fulfilled.  It is the place where you become your own self-soother and where you collect your all-knowing essence.

Today, abide in that place that only you know.  Follow Her guidance.  If it means you treat yourself to something nice, do so.  If it means you take time to read a good book, do so.  If it means you take a nap, do so.  If it means you write a letter of gratitude to a loved one, do so.  If it means you sit alone for a while, do so.  Allow yourself such decadence as to listen from that place only you know.  It speaks to you exactly of what You are and how to best love and care for the Miracle that you are.  Namaste.



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