The Goddess Hour

The Goddess Hour

There is a time when the world seems to stand still while it rotates on its axis.  A time when the birds cease to sing and when nature innately knows the difference between day and night.  A time when a city or town sleeps and you are awake.  It is the hour of the gods and goddesses.  A time to observe the stillness of the world and the peace within.

The Goddess Hour is different for everyone.  Perhaps, it is closer to midnight or, maybe, it is closer the break of day.  As with all encounters with our Divine Inner Goddess, it is personal and intimate and only something you can know.

The Goddess Hour is a time to reflect on the miracle of the moment:  the miracle of the breath, the body, and that which lies beyond the five senses.  It is a time to attune to the divine Voice, listening to Her words of love and guidance.  It is a time to be thankful and grateful for where the body is placed at that exact moment to experience such an encounter.

The Hour of the Goddess is time shared so intimately with that part of you that is eternal, wise, and all-knowing.  The part of you that the world cannot touch and the part of you that you bring to the world as a gift of the divine presence here in human form.  It is in this hour that you talk with your heart, gently asking her question and giving her the space to respond.  It is the time when we prepare for the waking world ahead and the lessons of light she will bring.

It is a time to observe the shift in energy, albeit, from day to night or night to day, listening to how the world responds to the light of the sun, in her brilliance and in her absence.  We recognize the beauty in the fall and rise of the sun, but are also witness to the illumination of the universe as seen under a blanket of stars, alerting us of what lies beyond the blue sky, a galaxy full of other worlds and dimensions.  Perhaps, one can imagine herself on one of those specks of dust, light years away, looking down upon oneself, as one comes to feel her limitless nature that serves a higher purpose that could not be contained within any time-space continuum.  In the darkness of the hour, often, that is when we are privy to see our brilliance and power even more, as it is magnified in the contrast from the absence of the light of day.

In this sacred hour, there is certain feeling in the air.  It is crisp and fresh.  It offers the aroma of a certain perfume that is particular to the one who observes its essence.  It is timeless yet at the same time changes with the passing of each season.  Its subtleties are a gift to the one who abides with her invisible nature, as with the whiff of one passing scent, she can transport you to a time long ago or to a moment yet to come.  Such intimate and transcendent moments are the fruit of the Goddess Hour.

I invite you to spend time in the Goddess Hour.  Find that time that speaks to your heart of stillness and peace.  Perhaps it looks nothing like I have written above, as this moment of communion is something only you can know.  It is a time when you move beyond the ticking of a clock, observing with all six senses, this holy means of communicating and abiding.  It is touching upon that divine experience that you will take with you throughout the day to share with the rest of world by you mere presence in it.

In truth, you do not choose the Goddess Hour, She calls to you, and sometimes that changes each day.  Thus, I encourage you to listen and ask Her about your meeting time and place:  a quiet space in your home, sitting on your porch with a cup of tea, a time after all the kids are put to bed, a bubble bath, in the wee hours of the morning, a particular spot in which to watch the sunrise or sunset,…  I speak of the Goddess Hour, but it is not necessarily a 60 full minutes.  The Goddess Hour is beyond space and time and has the power to center your soul in just a moment by a clock’s time.  But that is the magic of the Hour of the Goddess, for She needs no time at all for Her magnificence to be known and felt as You.  That is the miracle.  Namaste.


2 thoughts on “The Goddess Hour

    1. Free Soul, thank you for sharing your chosen Goddess Hour. It sounds absolutely heavenly. And thank you for taking that time, as when you take time to connect with You, you bring more peace to the world. Namaste.

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