You Are Ready…JUMP!

You Are Ready…JUMP!

One of the more fascinating games for kids and adolescents is Double Dutch, a game with two jump ropes, held by two different people, where the ropes move in counter rotation from one another.  The captivation begins the moment before one enters the oscillating orb of the two ropes, as one observes the ropes for the perfect time to enter, lest not get walloped by the rope.  Ouch!  As the eyes become engaged with the timing of the rotation, the body joins in, making small movements, prepping to join this energy at just the right moment.  Then the decision is made, the jumper is ready, merges with the counter rotating ropes, and steps lightly but quickly, beginning this dance in perfect succession.  It is a marvel, this union of knowing when to enter and how to maintain the flow of the ropes.

As with many childhood games, Double Dutch is a perfect microcosm for learning the lessons of life and miracles.  There is the fear of getting walloped by the ropes; there is the fear of “failing” by stepping on the rope and ending the game for everyone; and there is the fear that one will not enter at the right time, thus stopping the game before it is even started, with guess who to blame?  It is a game that tests “readiness,” something that as children we don’t think about, but as adults, becomes a paralyzing factor in our lives.

The question of readiness often creates a pause in the journey of life because one believes he or she isn’t good enough, doesn’t know enough, or isn’t qualified enough to participate as one truly desires, and thus stands by the river and watches everyone float on by.  A spiritual journey and an empathetic soul tend to go hand in hand, like two jump ropes oscillating together.  As awareness grows with awakening, so does one’s sensitivity to the uncertain world and his or her place in it.  We can often stand for quite a while in the question, “Am I ready to be here?  Am I ready to participate the world as the Light that I Am?”  With good intention, we can observe such inquiries but there comes a point when we must enter the flow and play as we know how to play, as the Light of the World.

In Double Dutch, the jumper makes the game complete.  In game of awakening, You are the miracle that brings it all together.  The Life you desire to live and be a part of, waits on no one but You.  And it doesn’t even wait for you to accomplish this or that, as that is another cycle, “When this happens then that….”  Life merely waits upon you to realize that you are ready:  that you already have all the answers, that you can let go of the questions, that you can let go of the fears, and that like a curious child, you can jump right into the game of living your Light.

Only you can claim your wholeness and holiness.  Only you can claim your magnificence.  Truly, it has never been a question of readiness but of acceptance.  Are you ready to claim ALL that you truly are?

“Since my holiness saves me from all guilt, recognizing my holiness is recognizing my salvation.  It is also recognizing the salvation of the world.  Once I have accepted my holiness, nothing can make me afraid.  And because I am unafraid, everyone must share in my understanding, which is the gift of God to me and to this world” (ACIM Lesson 58 Review, 39:1-4).

This oscillating orb of love called Life is waiting for You to jump right in.  Sure, you might get walloped a time or two by the ropes.  Yes, sometimes you might step on the rope and have to start over.  And it is true, you may be faced over and over again with the question, “Am I ready to jump in?”  But none of that matters, as it is all just a process of accepting the perfection that is You.

You are ready to be Here, to be in this Life as Light.  You are ready to fully express what your heart already knows you are.  You are ready to jump right in with wild abandon.  No matter the bumps and bruises, the stops and starts, nothing can touch your holiness, your Light.  So, Dear One, let it SHINE!  That is what you came here to do.  You didn’t come to stare at the ropes turning in front of you.  You came to JUMP into miracles!  As it is said by another holy rockin’ rebel Van Halen, “JUMP.”

You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what’s real…

…Might as well jump. Jump!
Might as well jump.
Go ahead, jump. Jump!
Go ahead, jump.

You are more than ready to jump into the Light that You Are.  Accept It and It is yours.  The miracle is not found in the rotation of the ropes in Double Dutch.  It is found in the one who JUMPS!  YOU!  Namaste.



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