Beyond the Limits of the Human Experience

Beyond the Limits of the Human Experience

Life is full of dichotomies.  We learn one rule and then come to discover it has multiple exceptions.  It is comforting to know the truth from a text such as A Course in Miracles when it states, “I am under no laws but God’s” (ACIM Lesson 76), as it reminds us that no matter how often we get bounced around the dichotomies of the world, there is always one constant, the Love of God.  However, what happens when we know of our limitless nature yet still feel the limits within human experience?  Can both exist together?

Currently, for 68 days, I have been immersing myself in the Spanish culture, this time for the purpose of improving my knowledge and usage of the language.  I take five hours of Spanish courses a day that range from grammar, to written and oral skills, to the “herstory” of women throughout Spain.  My brain is constantly in “sponge mode,” as I not only absorb the language in the classroom but also while walking down the street, in my flat as I talk with my Panamanian roommate, and in the stores, shops and churches.  I have loved it!  Yet, as I have been bathed in this language, I have witnessed the limits of my mind.

I sit in meditation daily and notice how my brain is constantly in translation mode.  A thought arrises and the mind wants to find its counterpart in another language.  It has been an interesting practice of not only coming to space between the thoughts but the space between the bilingual thoughts and then releasing those as well.  I have witnessed how my mind becomes so full that it feels like it could burst at the seams at any moment; it is as though the brain couldn’t hold another breath much less another word.  However, if I am a limitless being with limitless capabilities, how is it I can feel the limits of the human experience, especially in the case of learning?

I have hit the wall of the human mind many times as I have tried to learn a certain word or phrase.  I could write it 100 times, repeat it aloud 200 times, and put it on a flashcard that I review daily, and still for some reason, the word will not stick.  Yet, other words, for whatever reason, stay automatically.  I have not been able to find an explanation:  relaxed, not relaxed, the use of colors, verbal cues, stories, etc.  There seems to be no magic recipe for what my brain absorbs and doesn’t.  It seems to have a mind of its own (pun intended!).

As I have tried to “figure all this out,” without realizing it, I have come to a point where I don’t focus so much on what I am not taking in but on the “nothingness” around it.  I have come to observe the art of creating space.  When I notice my brain is getting full, I ask myself, “What is the most loving thing I can do for myself at this moment?” because love naturally allows the flow of more space; it allows me to step aside from the limits of the human experience and into the spaciousness of my true Nature.  As I transcend boundaries and touch upon the one law that is real, God’s Law, the brain calms and the food I have been feeding it through learning naturally sinks in, without effort.  I have come to know that such strong effort is what limits my human experience, as effort can also be a form of resistance, energetically speaking.  Although I love the learning, sometimes I can “love it to death” and restrict its flow.  It is truly the dichotomy of abiding in what I love while also releasing it.  It is gifting that which feeds my soul in this existence, the breath of freedom.

Thus, as we come to touch the boundaries of the human experience, it is important to remember that we are never truly caged in.  We are merely touching the edges of an invitation, an invite to create more spaciousness and freedom in the most subtle areas of our existence.  It is the gift of remembering that in any circumstance and situation we can always rest in the Law and Love of God and allow Her to breakdown the walls of any effort and resistance, showing us that any perceived block was just a moment of contraction before the ultimate expansion.




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