Part of the Landscape

Part of the Landscape

One of the more pronounced dichotomies of the human experience is found in the quote, “Be in the world, not of it.”  It means to participate in the world while not getting caught in the identity of the world.  It is a means of realizing that the world does not define you nor does it create who and what you are.  The world is merely a stage for God to play out the realization that it is actually She who is God.

For a moment, look out your window.  Take note of the landscape.  What do you see?  In its array of colors, shapes, and sizes,…it is Life.  What you see are people trying to figure IT out, just like you.  What you observe is a play of balance, as one is finding that line between being part of the landscape while not being fully absorbed and consumed by it.

The world around you is peaceful when observed by afar but the real heart of our existence is to bring that peace into the landscape that lies before our eyes.  The key is to dive right into the picture and plant peace.  We nourish the soil of the world by our participation in it, not by sitting on the sidelines watching it go by.

What you see before you is an invitation.  The world wants nothing more from you than You.  Life just wants You to show up.  It doesn’t need you to do anything special, to change anything about your self, or to get other areas of your existence in order before you jump right it.  Life desires you just as you are; nothing more, nothing less.  What you already are, is what life needs.  You nourish the world before you, you are its breath of life, and you are the inspired miracle that adds to each vibrant color of the landscape.

Dare to be part of this process called Life.  Be part of the picture: the plants, the trees, the birds, the sea, and all of humanity.  It is your presence that adds to the beauty and light of the world.  Proudly accept the invitation to participate in such a diverse landscape of Gods playing God.  Show the world what it is like to be God Known As YOU.  Namaste.


2 thoughts on “Part of the Landscape

  1. “What you see before you is an invitation to dive into the picture and plant peace.” KJR

    Such a Grand, Divine invitation to Life’s greatest party, from Goddess HERSelf, Is impossible to resist. Thank You.
    I accept….I accept…I accept!


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