Living The Question

Living The Question

What makes life so miraculous is the fact that we don’t have all the answers and that we get the opportunity to live them out.  Would life not be boring if everything was already known?  Be honest, there is a thrill in watching something unfold; watching something transform from the unknown to the known.  For example, imagine a time when you visited a city you had always wanted to see.  You had never been before but are now just moments away from arriving.  Perhaps, you have only seen the landscape of this place in pictures or maybe not at all.  Either way, as you are moments away from your first view, is there not an excitement in the air?  Is it not the moment before what was unknown will soon become known, as you will venture and explore this new place?  This is what life is like when we live the question.

Life can be light and happy when we begin to realize how it is just a sequence of desires and answers unfolding one after the other.  What would it be like to have a new job?  Watch it unfold.  What would it be like to fall in love?  Watch it unfold.  What would it be like give up the drama and live in peace?  Watch it unfold.  Mostly our hearts feel contraction because something isn’t happening fast enough, but in truth, something is always happening and always for our greatest good.

A Walk in Miracles is merely being present step by step to how Life unfolds perfectly for you and in eloquent timing.  It need not take your effort nor your planning.  It is the means of no longer seeking for answers but letting them arise in front of you.  You are living question, the BIG, What If?  Isn’t that how we were created?  Didn’t God ask, “What would it be like to create more of Me?”  And here we are.

We are both the answer and the question in one.  Thus, let us live this life not as something to be tamed, figured out, or overcome, but as something to be curious about.  Live each moment as a Child of God in wonder.  That is the art of living the question.  Namaste.


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