Food For Thought…

Food For Thought…

How can one be walking along, in the midst of a landscape, but be off in a daydream elsewhere, abiding in another place and time, with its own smell and sense?  How can the scenery at hand literally fade into the background?  How is it possible to see one thing in front of you but see another in the mind’s eye?  Which is real?  Which is illusion?  This scenario of questions can also be liked to the experience one has while driving to a routine place and having no recollection of how she got there.

Observation is a gift, giving us the opportunity to pause and reflect on where we truly abide in this moment:  in our imagination, reality, or Reality?  The human mind is very, very strong and is often elusive.  If we don’t take time to observe our thoughts, we can find ourselves all the sudden deeply emerged in the madness of the world, rather than in the saneness of our heart.

It is nice to take time to observe the mind while on a meditation cushion but it is another adventure when you can witness the mind as you are walking down a crowded street or while in traffic or during in a meeting.  When you do so, you notice what you are mentally giving energy to and attend to the images you think you see before you and in the mind’s eye.  You pause to ask yourself, “What is real and what is Real?”  In such breathing space, you recognize what is Real is YOU.  It is beyond what the eye can see and beyond what the mind’s eye can conjure up, for what YOU are is beyond human capacity and can only be felt with the heart.

Today, give yourself that breathing space to observe this food for thought.  Witness the miracle of YOU that abides in each moment and in each vision that comes to the eye and the mind.  You are part of it ALL.  Namaste.


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