Trusting The Perfection At Hand

Trusting The Perfection At Hand

Trusting the perfection at hand is often an invitation of faith.  It is resting in our knowing and abiding in the Truth that everything will always be okay, even when it may not feel or look that way in certain moments.  The miracle, the shift, is trusting in our Identity, that which we already are, releasing the world from our control, so that perfection can begin to manifest itself in her on way.

“The miracle is taken first on faith, because to ask for it implies the mind has been made ready to conceive of what it cannot see and does not understand” (ACIM Lessons, Part II, 13.  What Is A Miracle? 4:1).

We often need to step away from our own idea of what we believe perfection to be, as we tend to already have a created scenario of what we think is the “ideal.”  And that is just it, we end up striving for an “ideal” based on our experiences, rather than the Truth of what perfection really is.  In doing so, fear arises, which means that we are no longer trusting in our perfection at all and believing in the opposite, a life of failure, lack, and uncertainty.

Standing in our perfection is standing on solid ground, as it changeless and guaranteed.  Any shaky foundation comes from stepping away from our rock and onto the shifty sand of what the world believes to be perfect.  If we really ask ourselves where our trust lies, it is often in others and in the world.  We put more stock in what others say about us than we put in ourselves.  We do the same with the world, as we get caught in the cycle of material goods and what the world deems to be the “ideal life.”  In truth, real trust lies within and that is where we find our solid ground, a perfection that unwavering and eternal.

Step by step, the miracle is trusting that you know…absolutely know, that each of your choices is perfect.  Each decision you make is laced with the Will of God and is always right.  This journey of life, you can never get wrong.  Thus, the inner Voice you hear, the beautiful Goddess/God you are, you can trust.  You can let Her come out and play and be known in the world.  She can step forward and walk in the miracle that She already IS.  How this looks for each of us on this journey will be different but that is what makes the world so beautiful.  Thus, dare to be different and radical.  Dare to let go of what you deem “perfection” to be and let her show herself to you.  Dare to be One with her.

Miracles are taken on faith at first, however you are guaranteed to know of their presence, always.  Perfection awaits for you to live it, here and now.  It has no terms and conditions or any other prerequisites.  You were born, thus perfection IS.  You just need to let it LIVE as YOU.  This you can do.

As you walk forward today, tell yourself this…

I can trust what I know.

I can stand proud.

I have a right to be here in the world.

I can participate with the world in how I see fit and in ways that brings me joy.  

I can trust in my abilities and my Light.  

I have no fear in letting my true Identity shine.

I embrace all that I AM and gift that perfection to myself and the world with each breath. 

Perfection IS, as I AM.

And this, I trust.

Go to a place beyond what the eyes can see.  Know that you know, that you know, that you know.  There is a deep perfection that is pervading from your heart and it asks for nothing but your attention.  It wants to show you of your own majesty.  Let it out.  Let it shine.  It is yours to BE.  Namaste.




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