Spaciousness In The Fullness

Spaciousness In The Fullness

It is amazing what the human body takes in throughout a day:  technology, marketing messages, pollutants from the air, noises from the cars and cities, and energy from those around us, just to name a few.  The energetic field is like a sponge, absorbing more and more and more, often without our effort or conscious awareness.  We have grown accustomed to taking in so much that we even don’t become aware of the bliss of silence until there is the absence of noice.  Our energetic field has become full with all that we are taking in, making it important to pause, tune in, and find the spaciousness in the fullness from which we live.

For a period of time today, let’s say one hour, notice how many times you reach for your phone, and not when it alerts you that you have a call, text, or email.  In general, how often do you look at your phone for no reason at all?  You will find that it happens quite often.  If you use this experiment in other areas of your daily life you may also find other things that you reach for in heed of a moment’s distraction.  Thus, demonstrating how little things, like technology for example, are unconscious habits controlling us, rather than us monitoring our usage based on need.

There is now a new question that is being asked in modern-day conversation, “What are you bingeing these days?”  It is no longer an inquiry on what are you watching on TV for 30 minutes or so, but rather something much more robust.  A term like “bingeing,” which used to be only used in the realm of food, is now crossing over to describe how we spend a majority of our day or weekend.  It has become so common that it is now part of our vernacular.  Remember the days when we only got one Cosby episode a week?  Or one episode of Cheers, Wings, Full House, etc?  It is now a question of what are you spending hours upon hours watching.  This new way of living and asking about the lives of others is also another example of the fullness that we live in today.

It is completely fine to indulge in modern-day technology and ways of living, should you choose.  However, let us remember who is in control.  Let us remember that within the flow of energy throughout a day, there is always a breath of spaciousness that awaits our attention.  It need not take long to access it.  It is only a thought, a moment’s pause away.  It is a sweet reprieve from the noise and flow of the world, it is connecting to our inner flow.

If you rest here for just a moment, you may find that you are actually tired or that you need to make better food choices because certain bodily functions are inflamed or that you need to clean your inner house of negative energy.  Perhaps binge on spaciousness for a while.  What would it be like to reply to the question, “What are you bingeing on these days?” with, “I’m bingeing on spaciousness.”  What if we went even further to say that we were bingeing on our holiness and loving ourselves completely?  Can you feel the spaciousness even in those words?  It feels like an invitation, perhaps.  Shall you accept?  Shall you experience the fullness of spaciousness?

We came from spaciousness, we are spaciousness, and we still abide in spaciousness, even if we are aware of it or not.  It actually encompasses the fullness we have created as a busy world.  It is so expansive, it can hold any level of bingeing.  Thus, connect to the spaciousness around you by coming within to that place of stillness and silence.  Take a break from bingeing on the outer world and instead binge on the inner.  That is the holy fullness of divine spaciousness.  Namaste.



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