A Letter From God

A Letter From God

If God wrote you a letter, what would it say?  Since God abides within you, a letter from Source is no different from a letter written by yourself to yourself.  It is that simple and a beautiful practice to partake in from time to time.  Your heart has many words to share with you, why not let it flow from pen to paper for your eyes to see?

There are many examples of these sorts of “wisdom letters,” such as one from your 90-year-old self, your death-bed, your college self, your adolescent self, etc.  But if you were to sit down and write a letter to yourself right now, what would you say?  If writing a letter isn’t your cup of tea, what if you just opened a book or magazine and received a message via another’s words.  After all, we are all here to help one another on this journey called life.  Perhaps, today, try these words on for size:

Good Morning Sweet Child,

The journey continues on. You walk forward. You cannot go back, no matter how you feel. You cannot go backwards. You know too much. You know too much. You know too much.

There is a flow for you and you are in it. Live the wave you ride and observe it, because in doing so you are living out the questions you dare to ask. Truly you are living the answer. You come to find the answer and the question are one and you are the bridge where it becomes one. You link the two together:  question and answer.

Walk in freedom, Dear One, you are always free…free to experience this world as you wish. You have options you would like to live out.  These are your heart’s desires. Sometimes you have wanted to live out your limitations but often you have wanted to live as though you had no limitations…as Christ. This is your heart’s purest wish in this world, and a noble cause, to see how you can falsify the illusion of limitations in this life because you have the power as a Child of God. What you are lies beyond what this world can see. This is a knowledge you must know…deep, deep, deep within. Begin to practice this, Dear One. What would life be like without limitation and lived only by your desires? A life where anything is possible? There is a life where you no longer see limitations nor feel them.  Yes, you feel the ebb and flow of life, but you know you can move through it. Turning water into wine.  Turning water into solid:  solid into water:  water into air. Even, walking through walls. To you right now, walking through a wall may come as speaking your truth to someone or changing jobs or running a marathon or loving yourself.  Whatever the “wall” may be, it is the art of knowing that something is possible.  Anything is possible.  “Walls” and “doors” don’t always literally mean “walls” and “doors.”  The greatest limitation one feels is that which has no physical form, yet it still something that must be walked through.  

My Child you want a life without limitations….this is it. It is yours. You need not worry because you are already living it. Pay close attention to the words that leave your mouth and the energy of your field. Feel light. Feel free. In your words and actions, you integrate freedom. You embody freedom. Simple. Simple. Simple. You make the higher choice, LOVE. You know that all is connected thus you give that gif to all those around you.

You mind is full of many, many words.  You have come to know the ones that serve you and the ones that do not. Live the ones that take you beyond form.  Ride the wave passed language and into the heart, leaving behind the binding words that want you to pretend you are limited. 

Aspire, inspire, and respire, in that which is beyond what you could ever know in human form. It is within you. Inside you and all around you in your field. Even when it feels slightly uncomfortable, trust Me, that it will turn into peace. Trust Me that it is so. I will show you that it is so. Merely breathe it in.

Dear One, there is movement in the Divine Feminine in your world.  You need do nothing special to access It. Your life is an example of the movement of the Divine Feminine. Merely Live. Live by your knowing and that is your example. Know your intuition. Know your body. Know your field of energy. Know your SELF. This is the Divine Feminine.

Truly that is the point, you need do nothing, Dear One. Release all striving. Be in the process. You need not worry. Walk ahead in your knowing. Pause when you need to pause. But when you do,  just breathe and enjoy the view.

The higher the choice, that which knows no limitation, awaits to be seen by You. Feel it with your heart. And jump in.

We always walk with you, Dear One. Always.

In Deep, Deep Limitless Love,






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