Gratitude Often new routines can be a drag to implement.  They require a certain energy and focus so as to not go on autopilot and merely cruise through life.  We are prompted to stop, question, and be present in the process of life, as we attempt to try something new and/or create a positive change … More Gratitude

The Seed

The Seed Whole30’s nutritional guidelines call for the elimination of grains in one’s diet, even whole grains.  However it doesn’t mean that all carbohydrates are prohibited during the 30 days.  This comes as a surprise because most assume “no grains” means no carbohydrates, but that is not the case, as there are plenty of carbohydrates … More The Seed

The Search

The Search There is a delicate balance between experimenting with what life has to offer, to using our encounter with life as a search and rescue mission.  So often we get caught in the search outside ourselves, looking for purpose, meaning, and self-worth as a means of fulfillment.  We buy the latest gadget.  We try … More The Search

Know Your Labels

Know Your Labels Labels…we know them all too well, from food to acronyms for a job to record companies to identifying species of plants and animals.  They are out there in hot pursuit in hopes to aid in defining our life experience, striving to give it meaning and alluring us to fall prey to the … More Know Your Labels