Thirty Days of INsights

30 Days of INsights:

October 2, 2014 – November 2, 2014



Seek INsight? Seek withIN.


…an insight worth knowing in two languages.

DARE to be honest with yourself.  Atrevéte a ser honesto contigo mismo


Stop seeking words of Truth from another. Listen to YOUR own words of Truth from within.


Clearing your house of clutter is the same as clearing your energy field of clutter. What we do outside our bodies is the same as what we directly do to it. Pay attention to this two way street.


We are all systems of energy walking amongst this plane in search of finding that “other system” that offers us complete and utter freedom. But really the search is just another trick of the ego as the search is what binds us. Embodying the freedom that already exists in each moment is the Truth of Freedom. It need not be painful and it need not be hard. The way to Freedom is easy, that is why we think it is so hard.


As students of life, at some point in the journey, we are asked to put down all the books from which we have been learning in order to summon the courage to live and embody the words we have been reading. It is the bridge of learning to knowing. It is what converts knowledge into wisdom.


 30 Day INsights, Day 7 


Have you ever felt like you have lived several lifetimes in this one lifetime? Almost not recognizing who you are today compared to yesterday? That is the gift of time. We are gifted the ability to choose again and again to live as a fully realized being on this planet. To fully embody love and light while in this world and to let that choice be our service to others.


 30 Day, Day 9


One doesn’t have to be in the presence of anyone in particular to practice guided visual meditation. Our Higher Self is standing by willing to take the lead, all one has to do is sit in a quiet space and start by asking oneself “Imagine If…?” Then follow the imagery and imagination and see where it takes you. Look under every rock, open every door, and let the Higher Self speak to you through every image that comes to mind. There is a message there waiting for You.


There reaches a point when drinking everyone else’s Kool-aid doesn’t do it for you any more and you decide it is time for you to make your own.


It is an art to know when to move forward and when to pull back. How do you know? Listen.


It is good for the soul to get away and let yourself be taken care of and nurtured by others. The allowance of being loved by others is the art of receiving and loving yourself.


Dare to strip away all the roles and rules of life and see what is really there. Be even more bold and LOVE what is there.


“Yes my child, you now see ME. You see ME in YOU. There are many souls who, too, were lost like you. You recognize them as they are where you once were and where you will never be again. As you see, when you fully awaken to the LOVE that can only come from within, from the perfection that I placed in you, you will never return to disappear from the Light again.”


The teacher is the student. The student is the teacher.


The mind never makes any sense. So why even ask it anything?


One must descend into the peace within in order to Ascend to a Higher Place.


Never underestimate the power of someone praying for you.


Have you ever noticed how a falling leaf never worries about where it is going to land? Then, why should we? Nature always sets the best examples.


Sometimes you may need to rest and sit out of the dance for while. Other times you may want to sing out loud and surround yourself with all sorts of different souls. Either one is perfectly perfect as that is where you are in the moment. Enjoy the solitude and enjoy the embrace of others wherever you may find your self on the continuum of life.


Some trees shed their leaves prior to the time of peak autumn colors. It doesn’t make them any less part of the process. Some trees bloom early, some retire early. It’s all part of the Perfection.


Just sit for a moment and reflect on all the pieces moving around you, that you can’t even see, that are for the benefit of you and all those involved. So that when you do take that next step it is all part of the the grande perfection. There is only good that awaits each and everyONE of us. Enjoy the journey and all those you meet that were planted there for a reason along the way!


One choice, just one, can send cascading effects throughout the mind, body, and spirit. Unsure of what choices you are making? Look around at where you are, who your with, and what you are doing. At some point the choice was made to be where you are. If you want something different, it is one choice away, just one. Make it a good one. And start now. Ready, Set, Create…..


You are not the thinker you think you are. Who is really the thinker of the thoughts?


Roles and identities, they are so ready to let go of us before we are ready to let go of them. As a mask that is ready to be placed down, it has served its purpose. And when we put it down, for a moment, Our Spirit is truly open and vulnerable in hopes that we may never put on another mask again. Why don a mask? With no mask we are True Light with no need of any other accent.


Retreat every once in a while. And know the difference when you need to retreat and take care of yourself. And when you need to retreat and let others take care of you.


In each moment, we ask ourselves, “What is the highest choice I can make?” As each moment is laced with the power to always choose again. To choose a new thought. To choose a new option. To choose a new way to live. One choice can become our building blocks for an even better tomorrow. If we come to each moment prepared to choose the highest choice this can only lead to the benefit of ourselves, others, and even reaching throughout mankind. This is the call to AWAKEN to highest choice in each moment.


Welcome to ME-vember! The month of November usually signals the beginning of the holidays where you put more effort in putting others before yourself. We buy gifts, we make plans to travel, and we speed up an already fast life as we see Christmas and the end of another year approaching. The holiday time and putting other before ourselves is a wonderful sentiment but the most supreme sentiment of all is to put ourselves first. Is this selfish? Yes, but not in the typical “worldly” meaning. It is Divinely Self to put ourselves first. When we are Divinely Selfish we truly listen to our needs and desires. It is a time when we decide to turn up the volume on the small voice within and give it more room to play. In doing so we create a space that is more loving for ourselves and in return all those around us. Also, when we come from this space we find that we are replenished and have more energy, making it effortless and more enjoyable when we do give of our time to others. In honor of ME-vember, I invite us all to be Divinely Self as we approach this holiday season. To begin to choose what YOU need to do and not what was done in the past. Break the programing and start a new channel, W-Y-O-U!


Ready to let go of roles….

It can be tough to let go of a role we have held on to for so long. We think it shapes our identity and how others perceive us in this world. When that roles is taken away we often alone, bare, and lost. It is a bold step to put down the mask and be with what is. Here is a statement to invite and cultivate courage to let go of masks, roles, and identities:

I surrender any role or identity I may be holding onto. I want to be bare and vulnerable. No longer reinventing myself, as that keeps me in the same cycle and back at square one in the end. I know that letting go of these roles means a shift and change in my life. A change I may have been resisting, yet my desire to release these roles is stronger than any resistance I could provide. I let it go and I surrender to You.



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